About Us

What do we do? 

RecoverMe provide Mental Health First Aid courses to individuals and organisations to ensure they receive high-quality training. Providing MHFA England approved and certified courses as well as mental health and well-being awareness introductory courses. All courses can be in-house or you may prefer to book onto one of the pre-organised courses.

RecoverMe is based on the belief that recovery is possible from mental illness, in the same way it is from physical illness. It is possible, and it may not mean the same thing to everyone, but that is okay. Recovery is individual.

Working with people who feel passionately about mental health is really important ; All of us at Recoverme want to continue to learn and do better at all times and we all recognise we can all learn from each other. Working with those who have lived and/or professional experiences ensures that RecoverMe remains up-to-date, passionate and focused.

So, why Recover Me? Why do we care?

My daughters were like "Mom you can do this, you’re good at it, you care and you’re so much better than you realise. You know how it feels, why it is important, and you help people every day. We wouldn’t be here without you and we couldn’t have done it without you".

I already knew what I wanted to do, but I guess you can figure out that I was having a moment of self-doubt. A huge moment, actually. I felt limited at work, I loved my job but I wanted to do more. I also wanted to start working for myself again to have the freedom to do things differently. I wanted to do something that really mattered to me and that I was passionate about, but I was nervous, apprehensive and scared - what if it didn’t work out?

I couldn’t not do it because I was scared. My family and I have been scared, really scared at times when faced with the difficulties mental illness can bring. It was, however, never a reason not to try and it was never a reason to give up to want to make things better.

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I had already researched Mental Health First Aid courses and the work MHFA England were doing. I knew immediately that this was something I enjoy and be would be good at. I could help others to reach out to friends, family and colleagues. To empower others to be a voice for mental illness, break down the crippling stigma that surrounds it, and help others to get the support they need.

I’m called a specialist midwife but I’m not special; I just care and I know there are millions of others who care too. They just need a bit of guidance in the right direction to enable them to support others, that’s all.

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Why 'RecoverMe'?

How did I get the name? Well, strictly speaking, I didn't!

So there we all were one day chatting about mental illnesses, physical illnesses and the impact that both have on us. My daughter was acting out the part of the recovery position, and as she lay down on the floor to assume the position her words came out wrong. Instead of saying ‘recovery’, my daughter said ‘RecoverMe’ and then she got all rather excited and said, “That’s it! That’s the name for the business!”